This is an exercise

of speculation

Speculative fabulation
Science fiction
Strong feminism
Sorcery and fascination



There was a time when we envisioned a future of machines that were going to make our lives so much easier. Now it’s like we’re just hoping to delay the years before everything around us turns into an episode of Black Mirror.



We traded dreaming for hoping.



This platform will operate as a space to assemble the technologies for building the futures that we want, not the futures of mass surveillance nor the futures of precarization. This is the space that will host the digital desires of dissident and sensible people.





Donna Haraway – The Cyborg Manifesto
Donna Haraway – Staying with the Trouble
Laboria Cubokniks – The Xenofeminist Manifesto
Silvia Federici – Witches, Witchhunting and Women
David Graeber – Of Flying Cars and the Declining Rate of Profit